Running, lately

Promises of weekly writing prefaced my last post, yet here I am, 7+ days later.

The last 2 weeks were excellent in terms of training. I was able to log a lot of miles (90, 93) which included harder efforts and hill repeats. I also completed two solid long runs of 18 miles at a quicker pace and 21 miles with a fast finish. I’m happy with the last 14 days of running and excited to see how my upcoming races play out! I’d originally registered for the 25K at the October edition of Whoo’s in El Moro, but switched to the longer distance and will be completing my fourth WIEM 50K on Saturday.

My non-running activities have also been very enjoyable and fulfilling. I finished reading All the Light We Cannot See, was introduced to the show Stranger Things, visited an apple farm, and finally bought and enjoyed some fresh persimmon (such a delicious and under-known fruit!). I like the balance of working hard during the week and relaxing on the weekend. It leaves me excited for a fresh start on Mondays, but seriously ready for a reprieve by Friday. This week’s non-running focus is on my mid-term and major changes at work, which I will likely explain in a future post.


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