Running Since Twin Peaks & My Next Race

Yesterday was my first day off since the Twin Peaks 50K, but it wasn’t as much due to physical fatigue as it was to mental fatigue. I ran easy the Sunday-Friday after Twin Peaks – I was definitely feeling the DOMS. My quads felt like two slabs of meat which had been beaten repeatedly with one of those meat hammers. The day after the race wasn’t as bad as the subsequent Monday and Tuesday. It wasn’t until Friday that my quadriceps muscles felt somewhat normal, but the fatigue was still present.

Saturday’s run was one for the books. Frank, Rufus and I decided to run in Palos Verdes, which is a popular running and riding location because a) it is very pretty, b) it is very hilly. The views distract one from the increased effort, but it is worth it. We carpooled over and completed our pre-run routine:

Gisele: (as we pass a Starbucks) “Hey can you just drop me off there and I will hang out/sip coffee while you run?”

Frank: “I’m so tired!”

Rufus: “I’m gonna nap in the car while you two run.”

Our Garmins came alive at 6:00am as we ascended a mile-long hill right from the start. We were awake now! After that climb, we enjoyed rolling hills and the cool morning air, and then some gentle downhill towards the Pacific ocean. The sun started to come up and we continued to head 7 miles out, towards Long Point/Terranea Resort. This is where Frank used to scuba dive, so he knew there were bathrooms and water fountains there. We were gifted with a beautiful view of the sun rise over the ocean when we finally arrived, it absolutely took my breathe away. It would’ve been worth 7 miles of vertical climbing carrying a baby panther on my back while playing a guitar. We ended up sitting on the rocks for ~5 minutes in silent observance of this morning magic. It was a new day and here I was running with two of my favorite people, filling my body with endorphins and voiding my mind of stress, and then heading home to a house with a roof and food in the fridge. I am unbelievably lucky.

As we climbed back up towards the main road, we passed a golf cart with a falcon as the passenger, Yes, a falcon. What?

The 7 miles back almost felt like a different route since the sun was going full force. It got a little hot and some of the hills felt larger than on the way out, but we completed the 14 mile run and drove to our favorite post-run spot, Starbucks! It was the perfect Saturday morning run.

I head to Portland, Oregon on Friday for a 50K on Saturday and a half marathon on Sunday, both of which start at the Silver Falls State Park. More information on the race can be found here. I am very excited to run in my second favorite state, slip and slide up and down the trails of Silver Falls, and get away for a weekend.


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